About us

The Mind Behind PPtex

I, Sebastian Gößnitzer, am the mind and soul behind PPtex. As a state-certified textile technician, I have become an expert and valued contact for everything related to materials over the course of my professional development.

While holding positions as Quality Manager and Purchaser, as well as Area Sales Manager and finally Key Account Manager at notable international textile companies, I not only obtained extensive expertise and interesting contacts. I was also able to develop a comprehensive picture of this multifaceted industry and have seen companies grow or also disappear from the market.

What could be more fitting than bringing together my knowledge of the possibilities and challenges of the textile industry in my own company? The result: PPtex. As a textile producer and supplier, our owner-managed company combines technical know-how with the latest technology in order to provide our customers with products of a uniform high quality in the shortest time.

The best materials, an efficient manufacturing process and a consistent customer focus make PPtex a fair and reliable partner. Our textiles developed in collaboration with internationally renowned digital print experts will inspire you too – simply get in touch with us! Our textile innovations await you.

Sebastian Gößnitzer, CEO

Our Production

The PPtex core team is based at the main site in Koblenz, northern Rhineland-Palatinate. Here, we develop innovative textile highlights for our customers, which we manufacture in our textile site with adjacent plant.

Equipped with extensive specialist and technical expertise as well as knitting machinery by the global market leader in textile machinery production, Karl Mayer Holding GmbH & Co. KG in Obertshausen, we produce high-quality premium materials developed in Germany.

In order to ensure consistent product characteristics at all times, we perform constant checks and product inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process on site as part of our quality management system. Central management of production, project management across locations and ongoing monitoring of current market developments and trends ensure our customers receive the economically and technically best textile innovations developed in Germany.